Thursday, June 9, 2016

Return from Obscurity

I am back. No particular reason. I forgot I even had this blog, but it fell across my mind, so I thought I would check on it to see if it is still here. I don't think I have posted here in three years. A lot has happened since then. Mainly my diagnoses of MS (multiple-sclerosis) which explained a great deal about why I have had a persistent limp and balance issue. It gave me an understanding as to why I have been having daily bouts with fatigue. A fatigue that does not directly correlate with how much physical activity I have taken on. For a better understanding of MS, check out this website.
I have changed professions and instead of selling paint, I am working for a fan and filter company based out of Canada called CAN/USA. This company is run by good people and they have done a great deal to improve my standing in life. Nothing but positive things so far.
Right now we are preparing to move a couple of units down in the business park, into a slightly larger and much more comfortable office situation. We should be starting the actual displacing and replacing this Monday. With summer upon us I really am  cheering for cool weather like we had this week. The heat increases my fatigue exponentially. 

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