Thursday, June 23, 2016

Assault Weapons Ban Petition

Damn right I signed the petition. I've heard all the same tired gun-humper arguments everyone else has, and frankly it is all total bullshit. I and many, many others are absolutely sick of this insanity. This will not last forever. Eventually these weapons will be considered a public health crisis, and that is when real changes will take place. It is very clear that only one side of this argument is completely unwilling to budge, compromise a single point, or offer any kind of sane solution. Armed guards looming over students in school is not a sane solution.
I do not succumb to idiot fantasies of government insurrection. I do not worry that my home will be invaded. I am not afraid to go out in public without a semi-automatic boomstick in case someone asks me for directions. If you need to carry a fucking AR-15 with you when you leave the house then you are either a scared shitless pussy, or an ego-maniacal intimidating bully, which is really the same thing. If you need one of these to feel safe, you are a pussy.  Pussy!

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