Thursday, June 30, 2011

Post Wallpaper Post

Yesterday I fixed up some walls for the same couple in Carmichael who I had worked for two weeks ago. This time the lady had removed wallpaper from the master bedroom which I had removed the acoustic ceiling in before. The walls were in bad shape but were nowhere near the worst I have seen. I sanded them down first to get rid of any loose bits of left over wallpaper  backing. I then rolled on a coat of Gardz which is a wonder product made by Zinsser. This stuff goes on clear and cures to a hard and slightly tacky low-sheen surface that bonds anything you put over the top of it, while at the same time it seals out any paste residue. It also glues down any loose, bubbly pieces of paper that might normally buckle under the weight of fresh texture and waterborne topcoats.

You can see from the picture that there was hard to peel backing over previous texture. No problem as long is Gardz is rolled over it first.

These walls actually were in pretty good shape compared to some problem wallpaper projects.

The walls are beginning to look better after the Gardz has dried and a skim coat of drywall compound has been pulled over the scarred areas. The long crack under the window has also been taped with fiberglass mesh.
Brand new knockdown texture, ready to prime and paint. After it dries of course.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


I finally got some new shoes for work after wearing the same worn out dogs for over two years. They were literally falling apart with the heels worn down to tiny nubbins. I had no tread left whatsoever and I think having bad foot wear for so long has contributed to my hip pain. These new shoes are classier and lighter on the knees as well as being my actual true foot size. The only problem was that I had to put back the new belt which is what I had originally gone in there for in the first place. It's all good though since I have another job coming up this Wednesday which should afford me a new belt and updated vaccinations for Phoebe. Take a look at these gunboats. Now you know what they say about a man's foot size in relation to his girth. I can't say I've compared myself side by side to anyone, but I've had  no complaints if you know what I mean. Wink, wink, say no more...

Saturday, June 18, 2011


I scraped, taped, and textured a master bedroom for a nice couple that I had worked for two years ago. Back then I had done the larger portion of their home which consisted of a den, dining area, family room and hall. It took me twelve hours to complete in one day's time. I was dog tired and we went to Kiny McCarrick's 40th birthday party immediately after. I was unable to move my limbs the next morning, but I had pocketed the most money I had ever made in one day; over nine-hundred dollars. I used some of that money to get my first medical recommendation, and since then I have been living the dream. This time the small amount I made will be used for less indulgent purposes such as updating Phoebe's vaccinations.

Friday, June 17, 2011

First Job in a While

Gotta get some good sleep tonight. Tomorrow morning I need to rise and shine to clean out the van and take inventory. I am doing a master bedroom scrape-down and texture. This is the first job I have sprayed in a long time, so I hope most things go smoothly. I say most because I know everything is too much to ask.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Lost Frappacino

So today was beyond hot again with severe chance of sun. I worked up a solid sweat on the trail, coming home from work. This had left me extremely thirsty and craving an ice cold, caramel Frappucino from the Starbuck's. Imagine the joy when I saw my lovely wife pulling into the driveway after a day at work, toting two Frappucinos. I brought mine into the kitchen where I managed to get one sip in before my cup inexplicably flipped out of my grasp and then all over, onto everything.
I cried out to the forces of the universe but they did not feel my pain, nor did they offer any comfort for this senseless loss. Erika began to sop up my wasted, chocolaty goodness from the floor while I raged around the house. Unable to cope with the loss and unwilling to accept that I could not have my Frap, I slipped on my shoes and put my day clothes back on. I had to trek immediately to the nearest Starbuck's and purchase a Venti Caramel Frappucino. The upgrade was the justification for doing it all in the first place. If life breaks your stuff, upgrade to better stuff.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

We Are Staying In

We got dressed to go out, made a phone call, and then decided we would stay in. Not a bad way to go when you think about it. It doesn't take much to take the wind out of our sails. Take the wind for instance. The plan was to hang outside at Dave and Monica's, but it was too cold. The ladies agreed to rain-check it so now we are back in our stretchy clothes and playing with our digital toys. This was the night I was actually going to bring back the Shakes the Clown DVD that I borrowed.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Window Shopping

We did a little window shopping via Craigslist today, in search of a cheap car that is economical to drive. I plan on getting back to Rocklin soon and much is hinging on affordability and low maintenance. Credit is really no longer an option, so the plan is to buy a small used car that is good on gas, and then start putting money aside for the purpose of paying cash for parts and repairs. I saw a few cars that perked my interest, but I am only half way toward affording something drivable. It is still a good idea to start looking early  so I know what to expect. It is crucial that the car I settle on is the right car, and not another bad investment.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mixer Sold

Today went well for me. A gentleman reached me through Craigslist who was interested in purchasing my Allen & Heath Mix Wizard channel mixer. It is the first in a long line of items I am putting up for sale so I can get into a cheaper car and pay down some debts. One down and about seven to go. This liquidation thing does clear up some space. I'm really looking around at anything I can sell. Perhaps a garage sale is in order.

Monday, June 6, 2011

More Domesticates

Look. More animals to ooh and ahh over. I think the Latin one has a thing for my wife.

Staring Dog

Phoebe keeps staring at me and I don't know what to do about it. She always gets this way after nine o'clock, when she get antsy and paces. Then she sits and stares at me and whines if my hand stops petting. This has gone too far. Damn her infernal cuteness.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

TV Meanies

I just watched Jerseylicious and now it is The Real Housewives of somewhere. I am constantly stricken by the promotion of strife and conflict in these shows. I know you could say, "Just don't watch it" but that is not the point. I don't really care about their disgraceful, back-stabbing behavior, but there are many who do. Hard to believe for me that these people are revered by many and held in high regard.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Back at the Laundromat

So it has been a couple of weeks since I dried our clothes publicly and now I have returned. This time is much different than last since I am at the Northgate location. The crowd here is a stark contrast to those at the Bel Air shopping center on West El Camino, but they are a friendly bunch. An older Mexican woman offered me a stool to sit on when she saw me opening up the net-book to post this blog. This is the best place to do laundry because the wi-fi connection from the American Spirit tavern next door is easily connectable. So this is what I do when the laundry spins. It certainly beats being hypnotized by the endless swirling of towels, pants, and undies.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Here Comes the Rain Again (reprise)

Today it rained in a very heinous fashion. I caught some of it while riding to work on the bike this morning. I avoided a solid soaking, but my hair curled up. Then I saw my friend's cell-cam pic on his Facebook feed showing hail like I haven't seen in years. I managed to get back home without water on my head. The wind is a persistent adversary when biking on the trail, but the new ear buds are allowing me to rock to my phone's mp3 features. Now the trail is very surreal with the tunes in my head and the road to somewhere over there.