Thursday, June 30, 2011

Post Wallpaper Post

Yesterday I fixed up some walls for the same couple in Carmichael who I had worked for two weeks ago. This time the lady had removed wallpaper from the master bedroom which I had removed the acoustic ceiling in before. The walls were in bad shape but were nowhere near the worst I have seen. I sanded them down first to get rid of any loose bits of left over wallpaper  backing. I then rolled on a coat of Gardz which is a wonder product made by Zinsser. This stuff goes on clear and cures to a hard and slightly tacky low-sheen surface that bonds anything you put over the top of it, while at the same time it seals out any paste residue. It also glues down any loose, bubbly pieces of paper that might normally buckle under the weight of fresh texture and waterborne topcoats.

You can see from the picture that there was hard to peel backing over previous texture. No problem as long is Gardz is rolled over it first.

These walls actually were in pretty good shape compared to some problem wallpaper projects.

The walls are beginning to look better after the Gardz has dried and a skim coat of drywall compound has been pulled over the scarred areas. The long crack under the window has also been taped with fiberglass mesh.
Brand new knockdown texture, ready to prime and paint. After it dries of course.

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