Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Hey, so good to be back. I was on a short hiatus from blogging because this last week was just too full of action. Last weekend Gordon treated Erika and I to a concert at the Thunder Valley Casino in Lincoln, CA, which was a double shot of Cheap Trick and Joan Jett. I wasn't a fan of either but I enjoyed it and came away feeling like I was sufficiently rocked. Gordon hadn't intended to boot the show, but must have changed his mind last minute, which is fortunate because it provided more fodder for our Los Hermanos website
     On a more somber note, our neighbor of 17 years, Al Lara
had passed away earlier that week, and we attended his funeral on Tuesday. It was a good service filled with haunting mariachi music. I've heard mariachi music pouring through my dominantly Hispanic neighborhood for years. It is always festive and upbeat. But I had never heard funeral mariachi music. It was a rich blend of happy sounding melodies countered by foreboding undertones of sad and melancholy bass swells. The band was very classy and talented.  I had also never attended a military funeral before, and I was impressed by how dignified and noble  the procession was. Al had been a cook in the army many years ago, and was given the same treatment and respect as any soldier of war or peace. My breath was taken when the captain presented the American flag to his widow.  I know it sounds corny, but I actually felt a brief sensation of patriotism wave over me, and it tingled. I don't usually get choked up over such things, but it was a powerful moment.
     The next day was Wednesday, and we had scheduled our annual junk pick-up with the city of Sac. It was a lot of effort for Erika and I to purge the house of so much unwanted junk, but it left me with a feeling of great satisfaction to see it all go. We made a massive pile in the street, and poof, it was all gone the next day.

Tomorrow night we are heading to the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountainview for a repeat performance of Cheap Trick and Joan Jett, but this time Heart will be squeezed into the bill. What a summer. We'll see how it goes.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Say What?

I must apologize for not only the audio/video sync being way off in this clip, but also the lack of shirt on my being. I have no better excuse but to say that it was a hot August afternoon. Just my take on the current state of Trump and his campaign.

Friday, July 29, 2016


I'm just posting this cause I thought it was cool

Monday, July 25, 2016

Vote for a Billionaire? Never


  I would never willingly vote for a billionaire. Billionaires hoard wealth and resources. Billionaires buy up the world's assets, and rent it back to us for profit. Billionaires contribute very little, if nothing at all, to the common good. Billionaires add no actual quality to the human condition, and they have the leverage needed to stagnate change and keep a rigged system in place. Billionaires simply do not carry the weight that they lay on the public body. To be a billionaire, one has to disconnect from the human race and embrace absolute greed as an identity of self.
   I am bashing the rich without a doubt, and rightfully so. To be a multi-billionaire, one must disengage from having a human soul completely. In short, being exceedingly rich causes unnecessary social imbalance. To be a multi-billionaire, a person must be determined to increase his own wealth astronomically beyond what would ever be necessary to spend in a lifetime, at a detriment to the rest of us. 
   Take this simple exercise. Imagine you are immortal (you have to or you won't live to the end of this experiment). Imagine on day 1 of the year 0001 a.d. you struck it rich somehow and became the recipient of one billion dollars. Now, suppose you spent $1,000 every single day, all through history to the present. How much money would you have left if any? You would still have $264,160,000. Here is the math: 365 days per year, multiplied by 2016 years, gives us  735,840 days. Multiply that amount by 1,000 dollars and we see the sum total spent as 735,840,000 dollars. Still over 264 million dollars left in the till.  
   Now I'm not sure about you, but my lifestyle doesn't cost anywhere near $1,000 per day, but that is the rate you would have to spend for 2,016 years straight just to reduce that lump of lettuce to a quarter of what it was. Knowing that, how on earth can you justify one person controlling multiple billions of dollars?                                  
   According to Forbes magazine, Donald Trump is worth 4.5 billion dollars. Let that sink in, and then ponder why you would vote for such a greedy pig to be the president of the United States. If Trump wanted to use his assets to do something positive, he has had over thirty years to demonstrate his willingness to help.
  You might opine that Hillary Clinton is also very wealthy, and she is. But her wealth is estimated to be roughly thirty million dollars, according to Forbes. Far less than what would be left over from the hypothetical daily thousand spent since day one. When you vote this fall, consider for yourself if voting for a multi-billionaire is a wise move. Ask yourself if this guy would help another human, or if he would just have his henchmen remove the riff-raff from the room.

Friday, July 22, 2016

All I Want for Christmas Is an NES Classic

This is what I want for Christmas. Perfect for an old guy who doesn't want to spend any money, and who also doesn't care that it is 2016.  I have slipped in and out of gaming since I was a young kid blowing his paper route money every week for a two hour arcade reality escape. Pac Man and Space Invaders were my faves, but I liked Defender, Asteroids, and Joust just the same. I liked them because I'm a simple guy, and I like simple games. I have been out of the gamer loop for many years now, which is fine since I don't have the physical dexterity to work a controller anymore. While graphics have gotten far better, it seems the games themselves aren't as fun as they used to be. Of course, I suppose a mid-forties man shouldn't find video games fun at all. But I think having an all-in-one retro gaming solution like the NES Classic, for only $60 is not only justifiable, but downright necessary. Santa, I know it's only July, but I've been very good this year so far.

Alex Jones is Whack, Yo (part II TYT style)

  File this under What the Fuck, as everyone's favorite antagonist Alex Jones and super creep Roger Stone crash the set of TYT during the RNC in Cleveland. Alex Jones doesn't understand it's not cool to invite yourself to someone else's party; and he has had his opportunity to plead his case as a guest on TYT already.
  If you ever thought for a moment that Alex Jones was a credible news source and respectable journalist, this will prove you wrong. The amount of support he gets for his antics from his fan base should be a solid sign of the impending apocalypse. If this is now considered acceptable behavior in today's news consuming environment, then our standards have bottomed out. But why should I continue on about this when Cenk Uygur can give his first hand rebuke of the event right here?

  As a side note, it's rather creepy how Alex Jones puts his hands on people he is accosting.  This is a man who would be quick to shoot anyone invading his personal space or walking in unexpectedly to his radio studio. Yet he feels it's perfectly fine to touch strangers and intimidate them in public while insulting them with lies and distortions. Watch him feeling up Karl Rove just days before at the airport, and notice the similarity to how he approaches Cenk Uygur.   Alex Jones actually used this footage on his program without realizing what an ass he makes of himself. Keep your hands to yourself, and don't pretend to be friendly when you're not.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016


  I have seen an advertisement for an app called Postmates scroll across my newsfeed several times and so I thought I would look it up to see what it is all about. It turns out to be very similar to Uber, if you have ever used that. Instead of an app that summons a driver to take you where  you want to go with out exchanging actual currency, you are sending out for a courier who will bring you not just food, but almost anything you can think of within reason. The use of the app will drive up the cost of whatever it is that you are having delivered, but if you don't mind paying extra it is more than convenient when you absolutely don't want to leave the house.
Image result for postmates  I have only used it one time but I was totally impressed. Erika and I were relaxing on the couch last Saturday night. It was after 11:00 p.m. Now who has never wished that McDonald's delivers? I downloaded the Postmates app, entered my payment information, selected what I want from the McDonald's menu, which is worked into the app, and in 45 minutes I had two double cheese burgers and a 20 piece McNugget delivered to my door, no need for cash. There is a delivery charge for the driver, a small service fee so Postmates gets a cut, and a tip which can be set for any percentage you feel is fair. So my $9 McDonald's meal ended up being about $17. Much more expensive, but if you're too lazy to leave the house, or stranded somewhere without wheels, this app is awesome. Like Uber it is based on a rating system so you and your courier should behave amicably. 
  To make things even better, they will do more than pick up your food. They will pick up items from the store for you, or prescriptions, or most anything you need. It's like having a personal assistant on demand. I have yet to use Postmates for anything else but my first experience with it was amazing. I think this is something that will really take off.