Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving

My advice for this holiday is to absorb as much t.v. as you can.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Secrecy and Disdain

Okay! So good to be back. After the unlikely and unpopular election of Donald Trump, I had to take some time off to regather my thoughts. Instead of taking to the blog instantaneously to rant about my obvious displeasure, I decided to sit back and soak in the fall out. No matter how appalled I am by the judgement of my fellow Americans, I have to accept the results as fair and true. I am not one to complain about the electoral college vs. popular vote results. In order to win the presidency, Trump had to received an absurd amount of votes. It's my opinion that any number of votes for this guy beyond his own single vote is an absurd amount.
I don't want to analyze the how's and why's of his ridiculous rise to power. There is a vast wealth of opinions and articles regarding this phenomenon. What I do want to say is that a vote for Trump requires ownership not just now, but in the future. When things start going south, as they already appear to be, today's proud Trump voter must also tomorrow admit to their choices.
So far, in just two weeks, Trump has already wrapped himself in secrecy, dodging press hounds to eat out, and calling reporters together only to be admonished, threatened, and insulted. No one can get any valuable information due to a lack of access coupled with outright disdain for reporters; all while an endless parade of kooky, unqualified conservatives are vetted for positions of power. Trump is doing nothing to project the image of a boss who promotes based on experience and merit. This is a president-elect who is showing no concern for job experience, with campaign loyalty being the only necessary qualification.
Right now it is looking like all the pieces are in place for the most secretive and untouchable presidency ever. As for his tax returns being disclosed, don't hold your breath.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

I Voted Hillary Because Trump is "Just Such an Asshole", and Other Tweets

   Today is election day and finally we will have a release from this turmoil. If Trump loses and his minions decide to open fire on America, I hope they at least wait one day so we can all take a breather.
   I took to Twitter today, which you probably know was the Donald's favorite medium until his advisers took it away from him. I have to admit that every Twitter poll I participated in (at least a dozen) except for maybe two, were leaning heavily for Trump. I wasn't sure how to feel about that at first, but part of my brain says don't worry; Twitter is a bastion of trolls, and so it only makes sense that Trump would be rocking it there.
   I took a look at the pane of what's trending, and naturally there are several hashtags pertaining to the election. One was a simple #Ivoted, or something like that, so I tweeted that I voted Hillary because Trump is "just such an asshole". A rather obvious statement and easily defended. To my amazement I was instantly trolled by one of the Donald's fervent supporters (turns out this guy is an author). To his credit, he was nowhere near as nasty as some of the fuckwits I have sparred with on numerous Facebook posts. Haven't we all? He just replied to my tweet with,"So you'd vote for a criminal instead?!" attached to a cute GIF of Judge Judy giving an accentuated eye roll.
   I chuckled and replied, "Yes, a million times over."  I get a kick out of people that lean right, who think it is a foregone conclusion that Hillary is a crime boss, and cast about such reckless talk as though the world is in agreement. The Hillary for Prison crowd doesn't seem to be aware that it is they, and they only, who subscribe to such nonsense. They just can't figure out that they literally have nothing, and if you call them out the best they can do is say Wikileaks real fast, as if there is some kind of proof there. When put on the spot, and asked specifically what charge should be levied against her, the response is always something convoluted and ambiguous. So moving on.
   The guy criticizing me takes a sudden about face. Nothing a Twitter troll has ever done to me. He replied to my reply that he didn't like my position but respected it, and that what mattered most was that I participated in the process. I must admit that he bettered me, because I couldn't share the same sentiment with him. I'm not a Just Vote kind of guy. If I feel your vote is damaging I'm going to prefer you stay your ass home and play video games. So instead of falsely telling him that I thought it was great that he was casting a ballot, I politely thanked him for his recognition and told him he just picked up a follower. A Twitter follower that is.
   My takeaway from this is that after today, no matter who wins or loses, it really is about us the people. I'll be the first to say that sounds cheesy and corny, but it was refreshing to agree to disagree for once, instead of spinning wheels in the mud and nuking each other verbally. No one walked away mad.