Video Dump

Lord Vicar - Signs of Osiris Slain

Not only do I really dig Lord Vicar, but I also enjoy the symmetry of these ritual scenes. I'm wondering if this is a Bollywood flick or just some old forgotten American film.

Gilly Bean Kitty

This is Gilly, our kitty for many years. We had to put her down last March as she was very old and ailing. There is no more fitting video to start off my dump page than Gillybean getting krunk on a blanket. I forget what year this was, but she purred through her whole life, so any day was much like this. We miss you Beany cat!

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Movie Intro

The intro we saw before the Rocky Horror show. Too damned funny.

Gary Inmendham On Gun Control

Probably my favorite YouTube personality/philosopher on one of our most problematic topics. This isn't his usual subject matter, but I like his fervor.

Niece Will Rock You

This was probably six or so years ago. My niece Bella when she was about seven years old giving it up to Queen. We always knew she was on the right track. 

Touring the Warehouse

My folks bought a heavy duty trike built by Husky so I could get my lame ass from here to there at the warehouse. It's great for sudden bathroom breaks. This is just me rolling around the warehouse.