Thursday, June 30, 2016

What Is the Point

It has crossed my mind a time or two that this blog probably appears to serve no purpose. There is no consistent theme or subject, and my posts come off as random with no agenda or ultimate destination. That may lead someone to wonder what the point of my blog is, and ask themselves Why am I here? 
  The point is simple really. It leaves a trail to my past that I can't always remember  without jogging my brain, and it puts my memories into correct chronological order. I'm rather disappointed with myself for leaving such a huge gap of missing time in this blog, where many pertinent things occurred in my life. I had a writing teacher in community college who always insisted we just write down whatever we wanted to, but make sure to always write something. It doesn't matter if it seems like something relevant or even well worded. As long as you do it all the time, your ability to express yourself in a way people can understand and not misconstrue will improve.
  It is a bit curious to go back to some older posts and wonder at some phrases, How did that come out of me? But what little there is has been extremely useful in reminding me of people and situations that have come and gone. And what the hell, it's free. Motivation is key. Material practically produces its self. The true danger is not being long winded or too boring, and that is a challenge for a nine to fiver like myself.
  There will be enough mundane observations to come, but at least my blog's purpose is clear. It is for my own future entertainment. Thanks for stopping by.

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