Sunday, June 19, 2016

Learning Word Press

So the site was looking good that I had been working on, but it was tedious, as any kind of coding from scratch can be. After getting two pages laid out and functioning I decided to chuck it all in exchange for the road more traveled. Its not that basic html isn't fun, but it is tiresome and prone to errors. I have decided to use the powers of Word Press to get this thing looking sharp, with the blogability I couldn't achieve with my knowledge level or experience (much less time to do it).
Building a site from template isn't as simple as it looks either. Especially when you want to tweak something specific like rollover actions. I haven't been working with it that much yet, but it's funny how online tutorials make things look so simple. Then when it comes my turn it's like, where was the first button he pushed? In the end it will be easier than attempting to create an interactive situation from code. That is a java script avenue unfamiliar to me.

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