Monday, June 27, 2016

Saturday and Sunday recall

The Rocky Horror picture show was a lot more fun this time around. I came armed with more material than I normally have, which came in handy during some parts of the flick where I managed to be the only person with a quip at certain moments. We took our niece home the next morning after sleeping in till almost noon, and followed by a large pancake breakfast at IHOP. It was shitty hot all day yesterday, so I  neglected to get my exercise routine out of the way. Instead I spent hours watching a long baseball game in which the Giants narrowly beat the Phillies with a ninth inning walk off RBI hit from Conor Gillaspie. Still trying to finish IT. Perhaps tonight. Only fifty or so pages left to go. Check my video dump page for a funny cartoon they ran before the picture show. Hilarious.

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