Thursday, June 16, 2016

Salem's Lot

I remember watching Salem's Lot, a made for TV miniseries that ran when I was about ten. It was the scariest vampire show I had ever seen, and it touched off a childish fascination with vampires that lasted for several years. I had never seen anything so creepy as Danny Glick's little brother scraping at the window, floating in slowly, and then delivering a delicious neck chomp to his older brother. The main vampire was very creepy too, probably still one of the best makeup jobs ever done for a vampire. Sort of reminiscent of Nosferatu. I am impressed with the amount of care that went into it; especially for a television show. Inevitably I read the book by Stephen King, which led to more and more books by him. I still read his books, and Erika and I are almost through with "It"; a book I had meant to read a while ago, but it is super long. I read aloud to her in the evenings before bedtime, and an 1100 page novel can really take some time to finish. I have found that I get better reading comprehension when I read out loud. It slows down the flow and causes me to skim less, and really think about the words. Anyway, the point was to hail Salem's Lot as being still one of the best vampire themed works available, book and movie versions.

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