Friday, June 17, 2016

Play Day for CAN/USA

We ended the week on a high note. We received a memo a couple of weeks ago to clock out early today and head to the local go-kart track, GoKart Racer which is located conveniently across the street. I knew it would be difficult for me due to my clumsy and weak legs, but I had to give it a try. The car was very low to the ground, and my bottom half was scrunched. It was an odd layout too, with the brake on the left side. I was in no condition for a two footed driving experience, and inevitably by the fourth lap I was getting stuck against the wall. The track marshals rescued me, but I got stuck again in the same spot the next time around. After being pulled out again I pulled into the pit stop and received the aid of a young gentlemen getting out of the floor level kart. Fun but exhausting. It was just as well that I sat out the next round, as it lasted for fifteen minutes. Alex won both races, with Brian and Pat placing second and third. It was a blast,  but passed by very quickly. Good fun thanks to Dennis. Don't think I would try it again.

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