Monday, June 13, 2016

Google Site Workaround

My good buddy Gordon has a wealth of bootlegged recordings from his rock and roll experiences of the past few years. We have been contemplating posting them up on a webpage for others to peruse, listen, or download. It has been years since I dabbled in web site creation, but I figured it ought to be rather simple to throw a basic page together with links to the shows. Being cheap, I opted for the free Google Sites route of simple web development. Knowing storage would be a problem, I mistakenly thought I could link to the mp3 files already stored on my cloud based Google Drive. This is actually impossible. Even though Google will provide a link to the mp3 file, it will not allow you to play it. I tried the File Cabinet option but it turns out the file size limit is only 20MB. After the frustration of finding that something which should be simple is complex and un-doable, I have resigned myself to purchasing a web hosting plan. Fuck the cloud, I'm going old school FTP style. Website for bootlegs coming soon.

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