Monday, June 27, 2016

Looking Forward to the End (of it all)

I for one am looking forward to the end of President Obama's term, but not for the reasons most people do. I am more interested in watching the "American Right" adjust to their newfound position whether they come out of this in charge of the executive branch or not. For eight comfortable years conservatives have not had to perform any sort of conscious decision making. Every political point of action taken over the last two terms have been made from a default position, which is to oppose Obama no matter what, even at the cost of your own credibility and prosperity. No joke. Just look at how many cases pertinent to conservative ideals have fallen short in the courts because of their idiotic obstruction of something as important as an appointment of a Supreme Court Justice. It is actually more important to them, even after all the epic Republican failures to stop him, to appear steadfastly opposed to the President rather than do anything positive for the country. They are simply foolish idiots.
But all of this is coming to an end. Soon we will most likely have a Hillary Clinton presidency which I gain no excitement from, but the focus here is on right wing reaction. They will be forced to re-think (sic) their attack plan, which is probably no different than the current one in place; absolute obstruction. What makes it different this time is going to be their awkward inability to talk in public without sounding like what they are, which is disrespectful chauvinists. Most of the language of the right pertaining to Obama has been for the most part thinly disguised code for racism. Then they will typically complain that they are victims themselves of being unfairly targeted as racists, simply because people acknowledge their racism. "I just have a different opinion of his policies!" they cry out. But posting a meme on Facebook of two chimpanzees wearing royal garb with a caption eluding to Kenyan kings running the United States, well doesn't really illustrate that very well, does it Einstein? Now the old play book is going to have to be thrown out, since the treatment of women is far more scrutinized than the treatment of ethnicity. That is debatable, but is also my observation. People are more tolerant of racism than sexism, unless you're a conservative, in which you probably tolerate (propagate) both.
On the other hand, we may see a Trump administration that would flip the script even more dramatically. Imagine a president that has little to no support from his own party that has offered tepid reactions to his every misquote and back-step? That would be delicious and fun to watch, if not so perilous. The entire attack plan would have to change, naturally paving paths for newer, more innovative Republicans to rise to prominence. It's my opinion that anyone who votes for a billionaire is, well since pc is out, retarded. Billionaires hoard wealth. Why would you vote for someone who hoards wealth? Anyway, there's a billion reasons to not vote for Trump, and that's not what I'm here to do. All the info is available if anyone cares to check it out. Both candidates are very well known to most Americans. And since we've been sold a bill of goods regarding the primary process, I won't advocate for anyone. I'm just looking forward to a new tune from the right. The current song is so played.
Here, watch Mitch McConnel prove that the republican party is run by fools, and supported by gullible buffoons. 

Mitch McConnell showing you what idiocy looks like 

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