Monday, July 25, 2016

Vote for a Billionaire? Never


  I would never willingly vote for a billionaire. Billionaires hoard wealth and resources. Billionaires buy up the world's assets, and rent it back to us for profit. Billionaires contribute very little, if nothing at all, to the common good. Billionaires add no actual quality to the human condition, and they have the leverage needed to stagnate change and keep a rigged system in place. Billionaires simply do not carry the weight that they lay on the public body. To be a billionaire, one has to disconnect from the human race and embrace absolute greed as an identity of self.
   I am bashing the rich without a doubt, and rightfully so. To be a multi-billionaire, one must disengage from having a human soul completely. In short, being exceedingly rich causes unnecessary social imbalance. To be a multi-billionaire, a person must be determined to increase his own wealth astronomically beyond what would ever be necessary to spend in a lifetime, at a detriment to the rest of us. 
   Take this simple exercise. Imagine you are immortal (you have to or you won't live to the end of this experiment). Imagine on day 1 of the year 0001 a.d. you struck it rich somehow and became the recipient of one billion dollars. Now, suppose you spent $1,000 every single day, all through history to the present. How much money would you have left if any? You would still have $264,160,000. Here is the math: 365 days per year, multiplied by 2016 years, gives us  735,840 days. Multiply that amount by 1,000 dollars and we see the sum total spent as 735,840,000 dollars. Still over 264 million dollars left in the till.  
   Now I'm not sure about you, but my lifestyle doesn't cost anywhere near $1,000 per day, but that is the rate you would have to spend for 2,016 years straight just to reduce that lump of lettuce to a quarter of what it was. Knowing that, how on earth can you justify one person controlling multiple billions of dollars?                                  
   According to Forbes magazine, Donald Trump is worth 4.5 billion dollars. Let that sink in, and then ponder why you would vote for such a greedy pig to be the president of the United States. If Trump wanted to use his assets to do something positive, he has had over thirty years to demonstrate his willingness to help.
  You might opine that Hillary Clinton is also very wealthy, and she is. But her wealth is estimated to be roughly thirty million dollars, according to Forbes. Far less than what would be left over from the hypothetical daily thousand spent since day one. When you vote this fall, consider for yourself if voting for a multi-billionaire is a wise move. Ask yourself if this guy would help another human, or if he would just have his henchmen remove the riff-raff from the room.

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