Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Alex Jones Is Whack, Yo

I used to listen to Alex Jones, a lot, taken with a large sprinkle of rock salt. I never jumped fully on to his total conspiracy views because everything always came back to, There comin' for yer guns! which wasn't something I was very concerned about. Like taking a burger from a vegan. Who cares? But I always liked his fervor and high energy when it came to attacking inconsistencies in the 9/11 tale. I was quickly turned off to Alex Jones after Obama was elected and he produced a crappy film called The Obama Deception which in it's self was obviously a deception. Then he made an ass of himself immediately after the Sandy Hook massacre and the Boston Marathon bombings, predictably labeling both events as hoaxes. No need to deconstruct Alex Jones's BS here, as most of his flaws are self evident, and magnified by his own unhinged personality. 
  He has been at it for many, many years. I remember when he was a reporter(?) on a show called Hard Copy, back in the late 1980's, and he was doing black-op helicopter and FEMA camp stories back then. Alex Jones has propagated paranoia and uncertainty for almost 30 years. There are volumes of bogus predictions too numerous to track, going back for years which should have clued in even the most dense of patriot movement dupes, that he is a fraud. It wouldn't matter at all if he was dismissed for the hack that he is, but instead dangerous and unbalanced individuals buy into his alarmist form of journalism. Gullible Americans actually change their living habits under this man's misguidance.
  I couldn't resist this tweet I saw on my feed today. I am not posting this here to defend Hillary in any way. I know as well as anyone that the Democratic primaries were rigged against Bernie Sanders. This is more about the stupidity of the tweet he posted. A photo of Hillary Clinton, taken easily over five years ago, smiling. Is this supposed to make me think? Oooh, just look at the evil in her eyes. That just says it all, doesn't it? What else do you need to know? Alex Jones is just too silly to be taken seriously any more. But if you do have a high tolerance for baseless journalism, visit his websites. You'll either laugh or cry, depending on your own level of gullibility.


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