Monday, July 11, 2016

Almost Out of Here

So there's not a whole lot to report on today. Just finishing up the big move into the next warehouse. Stacking pallets with junk is about the only thing going on. I'm essentially done for the day as far as standing and moving stuff. Look how empty this place is now.

 I'm good for a couple of hours and then it's MS time again. For me that is when my symptoms flare up, usually after small amounts of physical activity, which translates into burning feet, and wobbly balance. Once I sit for a few minutes I'm okay but my real strength doesn't fully return till after some sleep.  I have this situation in my right foot where my big toe curls up like a gorilla's toe-thumb. I have no control over it. It's like my body's natural way of  trying to turn my foot into a hand that can grasp the smooth surface I am standing on. It usually occurs when I am bare foot on a smooth floor, and is normally the end result of standing too long. Anymore than 5 to 10 minutes is the longest I can be upright. MS is a real mah fuckah. I'd like to snap a photo of my foot some time as it does look like a monkey foot when my toe does this.

I'm sort of shocked by how well the move has been going. I was not looking forward to it at all, but my co-workers have really gotten a jump on it, which is great considering I am too weak to engage in this sort of activity. We were actually held up for a couple of weeks while some repairs were being made to the next building. Not having a deadline to be out of the old building has made it a lot let stressful. Last year when we moved into the current building we had only a week, and it was much hotter then. This July has been the coolest in recent memory, and I thank the gods for their mercy.

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