Friday, July 22, 2016

Alex Jones is Whack, Yo (part II TYT style)

  File this under What the Fuck, as everyone's favorite antagonist Alex Jones and super creep Roger Stone crash the set of TYT during the RNC in Cleveland. Alex Jones doesn't understand it's not cool to invite yourself to someone else's party; and he has had his opportunity to plead his case as a guest on TYT already.
  If you ever thought for a moment that Alex Jones was a credible news source and respectable journalist, this will prove you wrong. The amount of support he gets for his antics from his fan base should be a solid sign of the impending apocalypse. If this is now considered acceptable behavior in today's news consuming environment, then our standards have bottomed out. But why should I continue on about this when Cenk Uygur can give his first hand rebuke of the event right here?

  As a side note, it's rather creepy how Alex Jones puts his hands on people he is accosting.  This is a man who would be quick to shoot anyone invading his personal space or walking in unexpectedly to his radio studio. Yet he feels it's perfectly fine to touch strangers and intimidate them in public while insulting them with lies and distortions. Watch him feeling up Karl Rove just days before at the airport, and notice the similarity to how he approaches Cenk Uygur.   Alex Jones actually used this footage on his program without realizing what an ass he makes of himself. Keep your hands to yourself, and don't pretend to be friendly when you're not.

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