Tuesday, July 19, 2016


  I have seen an advertisement for an app called Postmates scroll across my newsfeed several times and so I thought I would look it up to see what it is all about. It turns out to be very similar to Uber, if you have ever used that. Instead of an app that summons a driver to take you where  you want to go with out exchanging actual currency, you are sending out for a courier who will bring you not just food, but almost anything you can think of within reason. The use of the app will drive up the cost of whatever it is that you are having delivered, but if you don't mind paying extra it is more than convenient when you absolutely don't want to leave the house.
Image result for postmates  I have only used it one time but I was totally impressed. Erika and I were relaxing on the couch last Saturday night. It was after 11:00 p.m. Now who has never wished that McDonald's delivers? I downloaded the Postmates app, entered my payment information, selected what I want from the McDonald's menu, which is worked into the app, and in 45 minutes I had two double cheese burgers and a 20 piece McNugget delivered to my door, no need for cash. There is a delivery charge for the driver, a small service fee so Postmates gets a cut, and a tip which can be set for any percentage you feel is fair. So my $9 McDonald's meal ended up being about $17. Much more expensive, but if you're too lazy to leave the house, or stranded somewhere without wheels, this app is awesome. Like Uber it is based on a rating system so you and your courier should behave amicably. 
  To make things even better, they will do more than pick up your food. They will pick up items from the store for you, or prescriptions, or most anything you need. It's like having a personal assistant on demand. I have yet to use Postmates for anything else but my first experience with it was amazing. I think this is something that will really take off.

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