Tuesday, July 19, 2011

That's Not Cioppino, it's Linguini de Mare!

Erika's birthday continues. We have just returned from Anthony's and now we are feeling euphoric. I still think I can squeeze down  some chocolate ice cream, but maybe it would be a better idea to save it for tomorrow.

I do feel rather sheepish after making a huge to do about the Cioppino at Anthony's. Cioppino is an Italian medley of sea foods all souped together with a rich and intoxicating blend of unique textures and flavors. But this time, after glancing at the menu I refrained from the reflexive action of going with the tried and true dish, in lieu of the Linguini de Mare. This was a pasta dish with a scattering of clams, calamari, shrimp, and other delicious bits of the sea, all enveloped in a mild but tangy tomato sauce.

Erika did go with the tried and true, but being that it is her birthday who's to say what she should have. She is in love with their Veal Parmesan. They throw two large slabs on the plate so she always ends up having left overs for lunch. Tomorrow will be no different. Now look at this plate of cheesy bliss.

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