Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Holographic Universe

Today did not seem to be very eventful at the store, yet when it was all done and said there was over nine hundred in sales with fourteen transactions. For a normal day that would be piss-poor pathetic, but as far as Sundays go that is a good day. Beth had called in sick that morning so I rolled through the whole day flying solo.
After work it was some frozen lasagna and chocolate ice cream. Most of the night was spent reading a great book that Kellie gave me for my birthday. It is called 'The Holographic Universe' by Michael Talbot, and it dips into some very heavy concepts about the constructs of reality and how we decode it. It builds upon the works of psychologists and neurophysiscists to postulate that perhaps the entire universe and our own consciousness is interconnected as a whole, and that the world we see is only a collective holographic projection of reality that we have the power change. That doesn't sound too far out for me to grab onto when I consider that everything is ultimately made up of atoms, and atoms themselves are over 99% empty space with the remainder being high frequency energy routes. This book goes so far as to suggest that consciousness is actually held within the atom and that everything has a level of consciousness attached to it, whether low frequency or high.
Well, there is much farther to go so I will check out. It's going to be a crazy day at work tomorrow since there will only be two of us in the store, as usual. I'm sure I will probably be driving around all day gathering product while my poor boss will be doing all the work herself.

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