Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturday Enui

Today is Saturday. I am blogging early because I haven't had the energy the last few evenings. I am especially upbeat today because I am actually able to dry my laundry from home again. Erika paid Anthony, the electrician who got our A/C going again, to replace the breaker to our dryer and now we are up and running. I have posted to this blog several times in the past from the public laundromat, but this post will signify the first home laundry session. The thing that was the hardest about public drying, besides waiting for clothes to finish tumbling, was having to gather up all the household's dirty skivvies and do them in one mass batch. It was always a major event. No more 'Laundry Day' around here.
I am also going to work on selling off some more junk to continue saving up for a car. Some Beatles figures and a re-post of my acoustic Ibanez. Perhaps later on I will take up a bike ride. The day is still young.

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