Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Day After Boom Boom Boom

It is the fifth day of July in 2011, and we are all doing our very best to keep the house cool and dark. The dogs are wiped out from all of last nights explosive drama. I feel as though I too may be hearing less sharply than day before yesterday.The heat is on, and it is more difficult than ever to rise from the couch. But what the hell should I feel guilty for? I worked on the holiday. While others were quein' and drinking, I was shaking and serving, so what? Not that there is anything wrong with that. I am simply justifying my malaise, and my lack of motivation for finding the remedy.
I have so far today watched a couple of internet movies and eaten through a few left overs from the fridge. We let entirely too much food go to waste in my opinion;  but it is difficult to always keep current on remainder food. I got a call from my boss today and we talked for a short while about things that are going on in  the company, and about me coming back to Rocklin. This Sunday is business as usual and then Monday I will be officially back. I feel that the large weight of uncertainty has been lifted, and soon there will be a better sense of normalcy. Once we re-solidify we will be a more competitive store in the district. Arden we are not, but we can tackle the rest if we try.

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