Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Texture Before Meatloaf

During the sale over the weekend I met a lady who needed a couple of walls re-textured in her guest bedroom. She and her husband removed some wallpaper from these two walls several days before. The walls were fairly smooth and I only needed to mix up three pans of hot mud to level out the tears and gouges. This was also enough mud to patch a light box hole over the master bathroom mirror. I completed the entire project, including knockdown texture and cleanup, in under three and a half hours.
I meant to take some before and after pictures but I forgot until I came home. This is why I never have enough photographs of my work. I always jump right in and start working without thinking about preservation of the moment. In all the jobs I have done in three years, I have only documented four projects. From now on I will take more pictures as a rule.
Now it is time for meatloaf. The room smells of Erika's home cooking, and the dogs are getting all lathered up. Time to go, as dinner is calling.

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