Wednesday, February 29, 2012

We're All Hungry; So Let's Eat

Today did not turn out to be a Star Wars experience, but that's okay. I worked at the warehouse and we stayed fairly busy with orders. We must have built fourteen skids by the end of the day, yet everything went smoothly and without any head-butting. Gordon played his guitar some more, and Will and I were occupied with fans and filters. I tried a local Mexican take-out joint that has  been in West Sacramento for years. I forget the name now, but they are at the corner of West Capitol and Harbor. This place was alright with their gooey cheese and greasy beef. Somehow they outlasted a Jimboy's Tacos that had parked next to them for years where a Wienerschnitzel now stands. But enough about junk food. The point is that the little guy can hold out against the bigger giants as long as there is a solid foundation built on something truly good, like a gooey cheesy burrito.
In other news, our Twitter page for the new Sherwin-Williams store is really taking off. In just a few short weeks we have racked up almost seventy followers, which is almost as many as I've acquired in two years. Not a bad start. Even if most of our followers aren't painters, the identity of the store is still being propagated through the web. I have found that the page must be checked frequently as new followers latch on by the day, some of whom send messages that need responses. I actually went canvasing on Tuesday for a short while around the Broadway side of the neighborhood. Anything to plug the store since gallons are moving slow right now. On the up side, there are a thousand places to eat around there; I don't know if I'll ever be able to try them all. So far the Cafe Capricho, Mr. Pickles sandwiches, and Safeway have been my main stops. Safeway kicks down a great deal on Chinese food. $5.49 gets you a plate of fried rice, chow mein, and three heaping scoops of your favorite style entree. It's a good thing I'm cycling to work and back or I would probably be a rolling chub-a-dub by now.

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