Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bike, Fender, Star Wars

Riding the bike is getting easier by the day. It was rough at first and I am still trying to nail down the best route through the downtown grid. It is a fairly smooth ride until I end up near the freeway overpass. Then the fastest and most bike friendly path is subjective depending on the time, day and moment. My legs are coming back again. I hadn't ridden seriously since last July, but my speed is improving. A better seat would probably be a good idea though, since I never seem to be fully comfortable sitting on what feels like a baseball bat.
The days at the store have been very slow. We have met some interesting people and filled a few orders, but we haven't seen anything resembling a busy day. Hopefully that will turn around once we get a real sign on the building. I noticed looking at it from across the street that it didn't have a noticeable "this is a paint store" appearance. Besides the blue banners at the top of the windows, there's not much to visibly alert passers by that we are there. Soon enough I'm sure we'll have something more iconic outside.
Tomorrow and Thursday I'll be working at the warehouse. I haven't been there as much lately because I have worked full forty hour weeks at the store for about the last six weeks. This is the first week in a while that I've been put back on part time hours, so I am a little more available for my second job. Last Friday I dropped in there unexpectedly and sold my old Fender four by ten half stack to Gordon. Most of that day was spent twanging on the house Stratocaster. I was extremely rusty, but after a half hour I started to get some of the old chops back. It felt good to open up the volume on that amp in a room that could take the rumble. We're kicking around the idea of seeing The Phantom Menace in 3D tomorrow. It's been out for a few weeks now and I want to catch it while it's still in theaters. Either way, there is a lot going on in the next few days. Hopefully light sabers will be included.

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