Friday, February 17, 2012

Back In The Saddle Seat

I finally took my bike in for a tune-up since I am going to be two-wheeling to and from work from now on. I cashed in on a great deal through Groupon. A full works revamp for $37 with a coupon from Rex Cycles on E Street in downtown Sacramento. They did a fantastic job and I had it back in two days post drop-off. On top of the usual tweaks and tightens they upgraded me into some sturdier metal foot pedals. My main gear cable was replaced, as were my brake pads. I also purchased a cable lock so I can park it outside. Of course I couldn't wait to take it for a spin as soon as I brought it home, so I took to the new route bound for the store. Taking my time about it, thirty minutes was all it took. I'm sure I could make it faster than that on an early morning with less traffic, if I were really trying to get there quickly. Nice to know it's about the same time as driving to Rocklin in a car. The savings on gas however is like a raise, or at least a better daily lunch. Gas is headed back to four dollars a gallon again, and I'm dropping out of the motor scene at the perfect time. If not for my warehouse job, I wouldn't need a vehicle at all. I mapped it out, and there is no way I'm riding to Industrial Avenue. That's way too ambitious and there's no good way to get there. At least I am able to minimize my dependence on gas for the most part.

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