Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Trail of Darkness

On Sunday I was robbed. A thief took my headlight straight from my handlebars when it was parked. Imagine how thrilling it was to ride home through downtown traffic, at night, with no lamp to show people I exist. Then the bike trail was lit solely by moonlight which was actually just enough to navigate by. When I am plagued by repairs and vandals I will usually upgrade, but this time I did not want to spend $75 on something I already had the night before. Mad Cat cycles across the street had an inferior model for $30 and I had to spend it. Damn, now I have a weaker light and a few 'I told you so's' from the wife and boss. Unbeknownst to me they both claim to have warned me that this would happen. Apparently assholes like to take them. I don't recall any such conversation, but it doesn't matter since now I have downgraded; I miss my old light. It shined so bright. Now, not so much.

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