Saturday, September 17, 2011

Acoustic Removal at Marchane's House

Today was the day to shave the acoustic ceiling in Marchane's family room. He lives in Woodland, off of I-5, and the drive over the causeway is a sea of green fields this time of year. I met his family and they all are very friendly and kind. His kids were all excited to meet me and I could hear them outside the front door asking eagerly, "Where is Clay?" It was as if I were a make-believe character in the home that would finally become real. I was flattered by all of the hooplah so I introduced myself, and they asked me some questions. Then they moved on to the neighbor kid's birthday party across the street, complete with a bouncy jump house.
Marchane helped me to wrap the room which was vacant, making the whole task much easier. The whole project moved much faster with help. Before long Marchane suggested we hit up a local burger shop called Judy's, which was akin to a Food Channel mom and pop joint with giant burgers and thick shakes. We both had Double Texas burgers with fries, zucchinis, and peanut butter cup shakes. This racked up a good thirty-five dollar lunch bill. I was impressed and stuffed.
We returned and removed the ceiling which was like butter. There was not much to repair and after the job we had plenty of left over materials, as well as a fine texture job in the main family room. When all was done and said, Marchane hooked me up with a couple of Benny's and we were all happy with it. He couldn't wait to paint it, and I suspect he has already begun.

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