Thursday, September 29, 2011

Occupy Wall Street with Michael Moore

Michael Moore had it right yesterday when he contrasted the absurdity, and I paraphrase here, "What kind of country are we when peaceful protesters are pepper-sprayed and arrested, and no one on Wall Street that's responsible for the crisis has been jailed?" This was also a point made by Charles Ferguson while accepting the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature, 'Inside Job' in February 2011, that not one single person who had a hand in the heist of the century had been jailed.
The smart-phone video of four women, one of which was deaf, kneeling on the sidewalk and screaming after being pepper-sprayed, with a red gate being wrapped around them is chilling and repulsive. The jamming of the Twitter #occupywallstreet hashtag was an instant cause for suspicion, as well as Yahoo's blockage of all emails containing those words. It is no surprise that all corporate owned giant media monoliths such as Fox and CNN wouldn't cover the happenings, but Keith Olbermann who is flying under the flag of an independent network called Current has been covering the occupation of Wall Street for two weeks.
Here is Michael Moore firing up the crowd and articulating the message.

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