Saturday, September 24, 2011

Mariposa in September

We took to the road yesterday and drove for three hours to Trudy and Kevin Bowman's to deliver a tile that Kiny McCarrick had painted and given to Erika to pass on to her mother. It was a clear day, but the air was dry and hot. We were at last able to lounge in the living room extension that Kevin had built over the last two years. I admire his entire approach to building a home completely out of scraps and recycled materials. Most of the extensions walls are made from a composition called paper-crete. This is a mix of shredded paper and concrete powder which mixes into a wet, gooey blob that can then be poured into brick forms (scraps of course). This material is firm as concrete but sounds hollow and feels like cardboard. It self-insulates due to the presence of air pockets throughout the paper. The temperature inside of the extensions was easily 10 degrees cooler than the original main family room. Paper-crete is a green, and sustainable material that should be brought into the mainstream. Then again, we should have figured out by now that domes are less likely to blow away during hurricanes and tornadoes.

On the topic of sustainability, Kevin began, as he normally will, to tell me about the world situation as he sees it. I always find his insights fascinating, especially when he gets to talking about peak oil, resource depletion, overt expansionism, and forbidden archaeology. Every time I talk with him I end up wishing I had caught the conversation on tape. He was the first to tell me about the Annunaki, Nibiru, and the Sumerian Tablets which I found so far out at the time that I couldn't grasp it. Now my mind is much more open to what is possible, and his perfect account of the story according to the tablets is amazing. So my next meeting with Kevin is going to involve a real, sit down style interview in the interest of getting him on the record.

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