Thursday, November 24, 2011

Paint, Thanksgiving, and Illustrator

Today is Thanksgiving, and so far my appetite is strong. We are going to Uncle Jason's pad for dinner around four. The kids will all be there, but Trudy and Kevin couldn't make it down from Mariposa due to the crappy weather.
Yesterday I began to paint the master bedroom walls with our HGTV product, but I only finished two of them. There was a lot to prepare; some patchwork and caulking had to be done as well. By the time I was painting it was getting dark in the room and our lamps don't make good light to paint by. Doing any kind of work today is out of the question unless it involves chewing and digesting. So tomorrow I will pick up where I left off. Shifting the furniture around in such a tight space makes it very challenging and slow moving.
On the bright side, I have managed to attach my arse to couch for over nineteen hours. You have to admit, that takes talent. I stopped painting at six o'clock yesterday, couched myself in the living room, and I haven't moved but to use the restroom. The bedroom was too rearranged to sleep in. If we weren't going to Thanksgiving dinner in a couple of hours I would go for the full twenty-four just to have something to brag about. You have to love having too much time on your hands. No really, you have to.
I was able to get something done during that time. I revisited Adobe Illustrator for the first time in over three years. It all came back to me and I remembered how much I like to create digital art. I rotoscoped a picture taken of me wearing my Elvis sunglasses in Las Vegas almost ten years ago. Behold! Above is my first illustration in years. I call it Clayvis.

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