Saturday, November 12, 2011

Isabella's Birthday

Today is my niece's ninth birthday. She loves to go to Mimi's cafe whenever she can, so tonight she will indulge. Her favorite dish is the corn chowder, while I am a fan of the French Onion soup. Later we will pass on the HP Netbook that Erika has been using. She recently acquired a Sony Vaio laptop through the contest she won at work, so between that and the Galaxy Tablets, we have more internet access than we know what to do with. Bella will be thrilled to get the netbook and she is already technically savvy enough to use it. I know I never got anything as cool as a netbook computer when I was her age. I remember getting excited about the Rubik's cube, and the first Atari video game was in the near future. On top of this she is getting a cool digital video camera which she will love. This I know because whenever she comes to our house she runs around with ours for hours. The last time after she stayed over night, I found nearly thirty short clips of her goofing around. Now she will be able to make all the movies she wants until she either becomes famous, or gets bored.

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