Saturday, November 5, 2011

Is it Even Possible to End the Fed?

For some time now I have been reading a lot about the Federal Reserve and its misunderstood identity. I have seen many signs at protests, Occupy rallies and Tea Parties alike. They all demand an end to 'The Fed', or at least a complimentary audit. There are many ways of looking at the Federal Reserve, and I do not claim to be an expert. What I do understand is that the Fed was put into place to regulate monetary policy, interest, control inflation, and to mitigate unemployment. What I have also come to understand is that the Fed is not a government agency, simply meaning there is nothing 'Federal' about it. While it's Board of Governor's members are selected by the President, the President has no real control of the policies which ensue from his decision. In fact, there is no true Federal Reserve oversight possible except through the empty legislation of Congress, which is a non-starter. I have also come to understand that money as we know it, is actually just a receipt from the Fed, which must be paid back to the Fed, with interest, through taxation. So if the Federal Reserve is really just a club of private banks, and they make the money, and loan it to the government that has no true control or oversight of the Reserve's policies, then of course neither the President, Congress, nor the Court have the ability to end the Fed. No one has the ability to end the Federal Reserve system now that it is the life support of our economy, for better or worse. We are seeing today what unchecked power leads to, especially when this power's sole reason for existence revolves around money, the true root of all evil. People right and left are calling for an end to the Federal Reserve, but are we too dependent upon it? Do we know another way? Is it even doing it's job anymore, and can it be replaced with a better institution? John F. Kennedy sought to circumvent the debt based, interest laden Reserve Note system with silver backed U.S. currency, in a one man effort to reverse the gears of a machine that he knew was undermining the true purpose of the United States, and selling short the lives of future generations. We saw how well that worked out for him, and we learned who really is in charge here, much the way we saw who was in charge of the B.P. oil disaster. It is  clear that president's will  come and go, but the banks are forever.

I always say, "Sometimes it takes a cartoon to illustrate the point." This one gives us a little history about money, how it was created, how it is created, and who really calls the shots.

Also, let's not forget that JFK was fully aware of secret society networks, and was not afraid of going public with his whacked out conspiracy theories. Odd how he became the center of the mother of all conspiracies.

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