Thursday, October 6, 2011

Erika Dominates

Today Erika got the results from the contest her company, Cosmoprof held for all employees to participate in. She is not the manager, nor the assistant manager of her store. She's more of a third key position; but that did not stop her from outselling both of them for two months straight. Of course, being in the store full-time helped make it possible for her to achieve her full potential, to the point of outshining her own supervisors. This is fantastic in two ways because now they have to step up their efforts and she has gained notoriety in the company, past her district manager and on up to the VP. I couldn't be more proud of her.
It's all due to her company's insightful idea to offer an ongoing incentive program available to all employees. The more product an employee sells the more points they rack up on a special account. These points are then redeemed on the company's website for commodities. Since she started her job three years ago she has earned multiple dog beds, a stereo, a 40 gigabyte iPod Touch, a microwave, an HP net-book, and a Samsung tablet. Today Erika received the results for a super-selling contest that was two months long. She needed to be in the top five of all employees in the Western territory to win. She came in fourth in the entire west and made the top ten nationally. For this she is awarded one-million points which is equivalent to hitting the jackpot. The 32 inch flat screen LCD that she has her eye on is less than 200,000 points, which gives context to what a million points can by. The greatest perk for me is the Samsung Galaxy tablet she said I could have.
Erika's day has been filled with congratulations and accolades. Managers from other stores were calling her all day, as well as a personal phone call from Joe, the vice president in Texas. She is now a rock star in her district, and deserves to be. I was given permission to post a photo of the email her district manager sent to the VP. It reads: "Good morning Joe,
When I arrived at store #9930 this morning, there was a great celebration. Erika just kept saying how she won and received the call from you. She was so happy. Not only did she win, but the store sold the most in my district. Our calculations were 523. I told my district that the store that sold the most, I would give them $500. So they also won the cash.
Store #9330 Rocks.....
I am very proud of this store. They have had an awesome year.
Thanks again,
Sherry" DM
As a follow up, her district manager hand wrote, "Erika, You are a 'Star' performer. Congratulations, Sherry" on the end of the letter, before she faxed it as a memo to every store.

Cosmoprof, in my opinion, is a company that understands the value of employee participation and incentives. Happy employees are more productive and supportive of their organizations.


  1. Can you say "Superstar!" (said in the voice of Mary Katherine Gallagher ) ;)

  2. Congratulations Erika! What a great post, Clay!

  3. Catgratulations to your Mommy for being such a paw some achiever! And thank you also for the lovely birthday greeting you sent. Nosekisses for you and your Mommy!


  4. You gotta say what she decides to cash it in for! I hadn't read this one yet, but she works her butt off--good for her. :D