Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Folsom and 33rd

Things are looking up. I am transferring from our Rocklin location to the new store at Folsom and 33rd Street. It is an old historic building which was a popular bakery for many years. It appears very old from the outside, but is brand new on the inside. I won't post pictures of the interior since it is unfinished. The whole move is very exciting for me. I've been given an important role in a crucial move for the company. We have been in long need for a store in the downtown/midtown area to bridge the gap between Arden and Elk Grove. I'm looking forward to the challenge of building up a store from scratch. I think it is going to be a great experience. I will also be saving a great deal of money on gas by riding my bike. The route is already planned and is less than five miles from home.
The midtown area is a complete and total switch from the atmosphere of suburban Rocklin. There are people everywhere, on all sides of the building. Businesses are all around on Folsom, and then the streets intersecting are narrow residential passages. The store sits right on the corner, and it takes on unusual dimensions due to the acute angle of the sidewalk. This is part of the building's character, along with a lofty, wide open feel. The floor was being installed when I took a look at it yesterday. The next time I get down there it will be further along, as shipments arrive every day.
L's last day in Rocklin is Friday. From there she will fly out to Nashville for the national annual sales meeting, along with the rest of the managers, sales reps, and higher ups. This is the week every year when all assistant managers are in charge, with no one to bail them out, and no reps to call for help. Somehow we all get through it. When she gets back we will see if I am going to the new store right away to help set up, or if I will continue in Rocklin until my replacement is found.

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