Monday, August 15, 2011

Elk's Lodge - Dec 8th, 1990

Here is my first installment for the lost Psychoactiv gigs. This one is from the Elk's Lodge, recorded December 8th, 1990. I was not even old enough to drink, yet there I was slamming the bass in a Veterans hall on Jefferson Boulevard in West Sacramento. I clearly remember Gordon had gotten stressed out and hung up the phone on me earlier that night. Roger was also having issues of his own, as is evident by his broken strings and guitar drop outs. At one point you can here him telling the crowd to back off of his equipment. Stress levels were high, but in the end it turned out to be one of my favorite gigs. The audio quality is poor, as it was recorded on a boom box cassette tape, but it immortalizes Roger's crazy guitar playing. We had our moments of genius mixed with utter incompetence. Roger's slide guitar on Irresistible Mistress still stands my hair on end.

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